AFTRCC coordinates the following frequencies and bands:

  • HF Band (discrete frequencies in MHz as follows: 2.851, 3.004, 3.281, 3.443, 5.451, 5.469, 5.571, 6.550, 8.822, 10.045, 11.288, 11.306, 13.312, 17.964, 21.931)
  • VHF Band (123.1125 – 123.5875 MHz excluding within +/- 12.5 kHz of 123.300 and 123.500 MHz)
  • L-Band (1435 – 1525 MHz)
  • S-Band (2360 – 2395 MHz)
  • C-Band (5091 – 5150 MHz)

On October 25, 1996, the FCC released a Report and Order eliminating licensing requirements for aircraft operating domestically. To clarify the resulting confusion, the FCC has explained that the Report and Order refers to those stations authorized under 47 C.F.R. Part 87 Subpart F, which include general aviation aircraft, scheduled air carriers, and air taxies. Flight test aircraft authorized under Part 87 Subpart J, however, use frequencies requiring AFTRCC coordination and must continue to be licensed.

Subpart J, 87.305 (a)(1) states:

“Each application for a new license, renewal or modification of an existing license concerning flight test frequencies, except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, must be accompanied by a statement from a frequency advisory committee…”

“(b) These applications need not be accompanied by evidence of frequency coordination: (1) Any application for modification not involving change in frequency(ies), power, emission, antenna height, antenna location or area of operation. (2) Any application for 121.5 MHz.”

The FCC requires coordination for any license action except a change in license name that is NOT due to change in ownership; change in ownership requires coordination. If the licensee name change is due to a change in ownership, an application for a new license is required, along with a AFTRCC coordination. AFTRCC recommends coordination be performed for ALL license actions, including simple changes such as name and addresses. This practice keeps user information in the AFTRCC database current. There is no coordination fee for changes in name or address.

Further information regarding licensing & coordination requirements can be found here:

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