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Current Openings

Title: Frequency Coordination Specialists (Mult.)

Location: Aerospace & Flight Test Radio Coordinating Coucil, Wichita, KS

Duties: Review high frequency/very high frequency (HF/VHF) coordination requests for completeness and accuracy, draft coordination letters, and update related documentation. Review Wireless Communications Service (WCS) coordination requests. Perform propagation loss, Power Flux Density (PFD) aggregation, and interference analysis according to the methodology specified by AFTRCC utilizing EDX SignalPro software, FME software, and creation of Excel spreadsheets with advanced functions, commands and macros. Maintain WCS coordination documentation. Review requests for broadcaster and telemetry operations for completeness and accuracy, coordinate with Department of Defense (DoD), and send coordination email with determination to requestor. Update and maintain related documentation. Design and code databases using MySQL and similar software for storage and recall of analysis data. Prepare reports on coordination activities and present to the AFTRCC Board of Directors and member representatives at the Spring and Fall meetings. Provide coordination status reports to the AFTRCC Frequency Advisory Committee as requested. Report issues and work with the Frequency Advisory Committee (FAC) to identify and implement solutions. Work with the AFTRCC Frequency Advisory and Technical Committees to implement procedures and protocols for coordination of Medical Body Area Networks (MBANS) and wireless microphones in our telemetry bands. Coordinate frequency requests for experimental licenses according to the protocols and procedures established by the AFTRCC FAC. Maintain AFTRCC computers and ensure the operating systems and software required to perform job functions are up to date.

Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Electronics, Computer Information Systems, or related field and 2 years of experience in the job offered or related occupation in the communications industry. Experience must include: 1) One year of experience in the electronics industry. 2) One year of experience in U.S. spectrum management policies and procedures. 3) One year of experience in the de-confliction of radio frequencies in the same environment. 4) One year of experience analyzing technical data of communication equipment and systems to ensure operations in a jointly-used environment. 5) Demonstrated ability in determining customer needs and relating them to proper spectrum requirements. 6) One year of experience coordinating with other civil coordination groups and Federal agencies. 7) Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and concisely with commercial customers, government officials and agencies, Federal government employees, and foreign nationals. 8) One year of experience building extensive, complicated databases and authoring software and apps.

To apply, send resume and cover letter to: AFTRCC, 616 E. 34th Street N, Wichita, KS 67219

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